Especially for doorways that are installed with hinged doors (doors, gates, gate), we developed frame profile technology. This profile is used to create the main part of the structure and usually applied over the whole contour of the opening.


 Galvanized steel profile is designed so that it can be used in combination with a profile as Omega-20 and Omega-40.


 Versatility of Omega profiles allows you to create unique and non-reentrant designs combined with the Frame profile. 


 One embodiment of attaching hinge outside:


  The hinges are made of metal plating protects them from corrosion during use. The design of the loop there is a special place for the lubrication that makes it easy to maintain the product throughout the entire period of operation. 


 For the first time in the CIS market, consumers have the ability to use profiles that exclude skimming through and designed to hide the cracks.


It is possible to use in the construction with a frame profile mortise locks that are installed in the slot "dovetail" on Omega-profile.

Also, when creating designs of Frame profiles polymer loops can be applied.


Depending on the size and weight of the sash apply different sets of polymer loops: from 4 units or more.


  As the lower part of the frame structure we can use standard profiled tube 60 x 30 or 60 x 60.



Using accessories RollGrand, possible to set wickets directly into the fence.


Due to Omega-profile installation of wickets easily performed in all types of gates. Omega-profile and accessories to it are greatly simplifying the installation work.



To perform the outer frame for the built-in wicket, 20x40 pipe serves as an additional diagonal and fixed as follows:


Polymer hinge is used for fixing the movable sash door or wicket to a pillar.    

Roll Grand hinges production is made of heavy-duty polymer, designed for a wide temperature range. The use of design as a bearing combination of polymer and steel allowed to give up grease and level atmospheric conditions (mud, rain, snow, frost ...).

The hinge is designed so that it is possible to set the desired length of the individual elements. This achieves the best load distribution on the hinge. Selection of the required length of the hinge can be made on the table:


Number of elements




As the upper and lower hinges for wickets weighing up to 100 kg as a lower leaf hinge for gate weighing up to 150 kg



For leaf of the gates weighing up to 150 kg



For leaf of the gates weighing up to 250 kg

Assembling of the gates or wickets using the polymer hinges must be produced so that rigidity diagonals were placed at the center of the hinge (in order to distribute the load):


 For attaching polymer hinges, should be used screws 6 mm in diameter with a sharp tip.

Not recommended to use self-tapping screws for metal-tipped drill bit, because, after a tip goes in the metal remains too small metal body for threading, which weakens the attachment.

 Also, it should be noted that it is possible to directly mount hinges reinforced concrete pillar or a brick wall, etc. - It significantly expands the design options of gates and wickets.

Omega-profile is ideal for assembling constructions with standard shaped tubes, for example, 60x30 or 60x60 mm.

For sliding, swing gates and wickets available easily mounted MEGA-handles (avant-garde style) of different shapes and lengths, made in the form of a standard inch pipe and plastic fasteners:

Also, there are other types of handles, namely:


 There are many options for fixing the handle:


It should be noted that the fastening knobs of the polymer as possible at the gate panel, and directly on the omega profile which formalizes the gate frame.


Mounting method laid out in such a way, to simplify assembly and installation of our products. 

Compounding perpendicular portions of omega profile is made by using a steel connecting bracket with screws or connecting by welding. Welding should be performed inside the profile, so as not to damage the zinc coating on the outside.


Omega-profile may be cut at an angle of 45 degrees or to apply polymer decorative overlay, which also acts as a damper in collisions and provides reliable protection for the corners of the gates.


The rubber seal is installed around the perimeter. The use of specially designed for Omega-profile rubber seal eliminates the installation of flashings that cheapens the design in general.


The seal is desgned forsymmetrical use.  

Sealer Y is applied in case of significant differences slots.


The lower seal is designed for face and lower mechanical seal with significant gaps.